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Choosing an English School

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The world wide web is a good way to learn and practice English. But for many people, going to an English school can be an important part of enhancing their abilities.

Some folks learn English to quite a high degree without ever having a lesson. Their talking ability is very likely to be restricted, although they might learn from the Internet, or novels. Or they could make friends with English speakers, but their errors may not be adjusted and they may not get a opportunity to practice all the vital skills.

Language is a means of communication; it lets you swap ideas. By linking a school and taking lessons you'll get the opportunity to profit from the recommendations of a native speaker and to communicate in English with others. You'll have the chance to practice skills and get feedback.

There are now English schools than ever before. This report provides some advice on finding YOU the one that is right.

Types of English

It is important to understand why you want to study English before picking a school. Would you wish to practice conversation, study for an exam (such as TOEFL or TOEIC), or learn English for a particular purpose (eg company or academic functions )? Make certain that the school you select is going to provide you the right sort of lessons.


If a friend or colleague was satisfied with a school afterward that school is well worth considering. But remember, people learn in different ways, and also a school that suits your friend may not be the best one for you.

Trial lessons

Most schools or teachers will be delighted to supply you with a free trial lesson. It is a good idea to have trial lessons with a few diverse schools (or teachers) before deciding. When you visit a school to get a trial lesson try to ask a few of the pupils what they consider the school. There are not any guidelines on what makes a fantastic lesson; the ideal lesson for you is.


Whenever you're considering schools be sure to ask about the experience and credentials of the teachers. Avoid schools that use teachers with no experience or qualifications in teaching English.


Some schools have systems where the same pattern is followed by each lesson. No system functions for every single learner all of the time, although systems may sometimes be a good means to learn. Avoid schools where the machine appears to replace proper preparation by the instructors.

Group or private classes

Lessons cost more but you will benefit from the attention of the teacher. You are given the opportunity to communicate with other pupils by small groups. If you are currently thinking of linking a school with classes summer school bucharest that are bigger be certain that lessons give you lots of chances to practice your English in smaller groups. Avoid schools in which the teacher spends most of their time lecturing the course.


Some schools have been accredited by an outside organization such as the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) or ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training) from the United States or the British Council in the United Kingdom. This means that the schools are inspected by the certification body and discovered to be of great quality. It's a great indication if a school was accredited, however there are a lot of good schools without accreditation, particularly smaller schools.


There is a saying in English that"you get what you pay for". This means that if you do not pay very much you won't get much in return. Qualified and experienced teachers earn higher wages than"backpackers", so it's not a good idea to decide on a school only because it's cheap. It is great to prevent schools which insist on charging you a lot of cash at the start and that do not provide refunds if you find the school isn't great for you.

Personal teachers

Frequently you can learn from a fantastic teacher than by joining a school. A teacher will get to understand your individual requirements and can concentrate on meeting them without being restricted by school regulations and rules. Frequently you may build a greater rapport with a teacher than at a school.

Take trial courses with three or two to find one you are delighted with, if you are interested in studying with a instructor. Steer clear of private teachers that never appear to do any prep for lessons (unless of course you only need to practice"free conversation".

Social events

Many schools operate a schedule of events such as outings or parties. These are good for 2 reasons. Primarily, they will provide you the chance to speak in English in conditions. Second, as you become more familiar with instructors and classmates so that you will gain in confidence and find out more in class, eg by being afraid of making mistakes.

Studying overseas

The perfect way to learn English would be to devote time immersed in the culture and language of an English speaking country. Check out now - english lessons with native english teacher